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Beginning of Final Piece

After creating my previous painting and it being successful I then set out creating my final piece. I decided this time to cut out the mouth and restrict this sense as I felt still having the eyes in the painting would involve the viewer more in the piece. I will be able to add a lot of emotion in to the eyes and this is something that people can connect with. I also decided to enlarge the scale of the piece as I feel having a large canvas also involves the viewer further in the work. It means they can move away and up close to the piece inspecting it from different distances and seeing how this changes their perceptions of it. I also feel a large scale has a larger impact on the viewers. below are the images of my final piece in its first stages, it still has a long way to go!

image (6)

image (7)

image (8)

image (9)



Initial Painting

I decided to do a painting which draws all of my idea together for this project, this will also help me collate ideas for a final piece, hopefully improving upon the ideas in this painting. I took a reference photograph to paint from of my own face, I wanted the canvas to be primarily taken up by the portrait as I want the facial features to be prominent. Once the painting was done I took a scalpel and cut and ripped the area around the eyes letting the canvas hang down the painting.







I then added the fake flowers to the piece by taping them in to bouquets and poking them through the holes I created. I now only have the wax to add to this piece before it is completely finished.

image (5)

New Ideas

I have now came up with a way of drawing my Final Major Project to a conclusion. I really like the concept I explored in my three dimensional work of peeling back a layer to reveal something underneath and so I wanted to experiment with this further. I felt that my work could be more successful on canvas as this way I could experiment with enlarging the scale to intrigue the viewer, and so I came up with the idea of peeling back the canvas to reveal something underneath. I realised my collages were a particularly successful part of my project and so I want to explre similar imagery. My plan is to peel back the canvas of  a painted portrait, ripping away one of the senses to reveal flowers below. I have started to experiment with how I will rip away the canvas, also with adding texture to the canvas to make it seem more like skin and make it more interesting than just the canvas hanging down.

image[10] image[1] image[9] image[8]

Distortion Paintings

I wanted to start adding colour to my work and chose to do so through paint. I first created a painting inspired by a different one of my line drawings using watercolours. I was pleased with the result and liked how the colour worked with piece but felt like acrylic may be more successful. I also preferred the composition from my pencil drawing and so decided to go back to this for an experiment in acrylic paint.

image (3) copy 3

image (3)

My acrylic painting is much more successful than my watercolour. I love how the colour brings the piece to life and how i have added a background to give the piece more atmosphere. I also really like the elongated scale of the piece, I have made the legs even more distorted in this piece and am very pleased with the effect this has had.