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Experimenting With Materials

After my latest piece went so well, I decided to explore different materials I could use for this piece. I decided a heavier material would be more successful as the card I had been using started to bend when hung for a length of time. After some consideration I decided my first experiment would be with wood and so I took a shopping trip to b&q! I bought myself a sheet of MDF and used templates which I had drawn and cut out to transfer my design on to the wood.

IMG_0262 IMG_0263


I then cut the various shapes out using a band saw for the larger pieces and a coping saw for the more fiddly bits. After a lot of hard work in my Grandad’s workshop all the layers were cut out. I then needed to make each layer a different colour so that the piece will look more three dimensional when hung. I did this by using three different colour stains, staining the largest layer the darkest and so on.





Above is the final result once stained and layered together as it will appear from the front viewpoint. However, the piece is by no means finished, as it is hanging the piece that is the most important part of this work. I look forward to getting it hung up in a proper exhibition space.


Further Development

After my last piece went successfully I decided to create another one but tweak it slightly in the hope that I could improve upon it. I chose to add an extra layer and so this time the piece has four layers, adding more depth to it. I also chose to just do block colours instead of the brushstrokes and this has made each layer a lot more defined which I like. I am very pleased with how this piece has turned out and I believe when displayed properly it will look even better.

A Work in Progress

After my photo shoot went successfully I decided I wanted to investigate ways in which I could add more depth to the idea of dimensions, and also try to bring back the idea of perspective in to my work. I started by Photoshopping one of my better photographs to look even more like a painting; this added to the confusion of dimensions. It now had many layers of turning from three dimensional to two dimensional, I like how this pushes the viewers perception of the work.

IMG_9107 edit2

I edited the piece even more in Photoshop making it more two dimensional with the cutout effect, but still trying to keep the painting-like effect.

IMG_9107 edit2d

This cutout idea led to me investigating ways of presenting my work and involving perspective again. I came up with the idea of hanging the different layers of the cutout so that the piece could only be viewed from a particular angle. My first attempt of this didn’t go quite to plan as I cut out the layers separately and quickly realised it was not going to work.





After this experiment I realised that the first layer must be complete, and each layer cut out on top of that getting smaller and smaller. This led to a much more successful piece below.



This piece has been hung with string in to shape, I tried to use large brush strokes on each layer to try and keep it looking like a painting. I am very pleased with how this piece has turned out, but it is still very much a work in progress and needs further work.

Painting or Person – Development

When carrying out this experiment with physically painting on to a person, I became interested in the idea of almost confusing the situation further. I photographed my model doing normal day to day things – working on a laptop – and wanted to push this idea of him being a painting or not, rather than completely disguising him as a painting. I want to get the observer thinking, looking close at the photograph itself.

IMG_9096 copy


IMG_9088 copy


IMG_9095 copy


IMG_9097 copy

Dimensions – Painting or Person

After my projection experiment went successfully I wanted to take this idea of dimensions further and I found the artist Alexa Meade who works with making people look like paintings. I tried this out myself; painting on to a person and photographing him against a plain painted background. The results are shown below.

IMG_9087 IMG_9102 IMG_9104 IMG_9108 IMG_9103


I started to try out different angles, experimenting with capturing the paint on his face.

IMG_9091 copy IMG_9106