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Progress on Art and Science Project



So after my oil painting workshop went so successfully I decided to explore this imagery further, I found some macro photography of the iris which inspired this painting above, I am very pleased with outcome.


Oil Painting Workshop

In our oil painting workshop we were told to bring along images which related to what we were interested in within our project. As I was wanting to pursue some area of physics within my project I started out by taking images taken on the Hubble Telescope of nebula and galaxies. In the workshop we were taught about health and safety involved when using the paints and also some tips for painting; to ventilate the room, to avoid getting the paints on clothes, to use turps in place of water, when washing the brushes to first rinse ion turps then use fairy liquid in your hand to get all the paint off before finally rinsing in water, and to leave sufficient drying time for your painting. I chose to paint one of my images of a nebula and had great fun doing so. Below are the stages I went through.

IMAG0678 IMAG0679 IMAG0680 IMAG0684

Art and Psychology Workshop

As part of the pathway stage to start us off on our brief we had a number of workshops to participate in. Not all of them are related to what I would like to explore in my project but I certainly enjoyed them anyway and feel it important to keep track of all the things I did. In this workshop we were given a short presentation on art and psychology, in particular looking at the surrealists who play with your mind and distort reality. We then carried out a simple experiment where we first wrote down a potential title for a piece of artwork folded it up and put it in a hat. We were then given a piece of clay and told to have a conversation with person next to us whilst playing with and handling the clay. We were told not to take notice of the clay in our hands and to concentrate on the conversation entirely. After a few minutes we were told to stop and see what we had created subconsciously, the results were intriguing. Next we embellished our sculptures with pins and other small items and below is the result.


We then picked out of the hat a title for our piece, to which I got empty headed. I liked this title for my piece it made you look for a meaning behind that name. One suggestion was that my sculpture was a neck with a necklace on, missing the head.


Art and Science Brief

I have now started on the pathway stage of my foundation art course. Within this stage I specialise in an area of my choice, I have chosen Fine Art, and pursue a longer project in which we will have to write our own brief to come to an end. We were given our brief last Monday (I’m hoping I’ll get in to the swing of updating my blog on a regular basis soon!) and the theme we have been given is Art and Science: An Experiment. After a week of workshops and research I feel my project finally has a direction and I have began working in my new sketchbook. I am going to investigate physics, and more specifically forces within physics. Exploring both how forces can be used to create art and how forces can be displayed in a piece of art.

Finished Final Piece for 3D

So my final piece for 3D has finally been fired after being glazed, and I love how it has turned out!

IMAG0575 IMAG0576

Workshop with Theresa Poulton

A while back we had an all day workshop with Theresa Poulton, I usually spend my time drawing her in life drawing classes and so it was interesting to see her as an artist and find out about her work. I’m finally getting round to updating my blog, so sorry for abandoning it recently. Theresa’s work is abstract and throughout the day she took us from drawing from observation to creating abstract works, a process which I have never done before. Below is my initial drawing from a skull, a canvas was then put infrontof the object I was drawing from and I had to incooperate what was on the canvas into my drawing.


We were then told to abstract parts of the drawing we created, taking out shapes and lines.


We then took these drawings and were given a bit more freedom to create our own abstract piece. I chose to recreate my drawings in colour on paper and then turn it into an origami flower.

IMAG0582 IMAG0584

From this I then created another drawing which I used to inform a maket which I made.

IMAG0581 IMAG0585