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Defying Physics – Dimensions

I tried out another experiment involving the theme of defying physics, this time using the idea of dimensions. I tried to mask my own three dimensional body as a 2D image by projecting images on to my body and the surrounding wall. The photographs I took from this have worked very well, and although some are a lot more obviously a person than others, I am still very pleased with the imagery I have produced.

IMG_9018 IMG_9032 IMG_9037 IMG_9041 IMG_9043 IMG_9069 IMG_9075


Defying Physics – Perspective

It’s the beginning of a new project and to get ideas rolling I started with the idea of playing with perspective. Inspired by the artist Felice Varini who creates large scale geometric shapes on buildings which can only be seen from a particular viewpoint.


I took this idea and scaled it down a fair bit, creating my own piece of art which has to be viewed in a particular way. I like how this involves the observer in my artwork. I liked the idea of using the geometric shapes to start with, and so i chose to use both a square and a circle, two very different shapes.




Defying Physics – New Project

After finishing my final piece and coming to a conclusion with my previous project I am now moving on to a separate but related series of work. I am beginning a new project, under the bracket of art and science, which I have titled defying physics. Physics asks fundamental questions about the universe and world around us and tries to answer them by experimenting and observing. I want to explore this subject and push the boundaries of physics by experimenting with perspective and dimensions. I will use my work to make viewers question these fundamental ideas that physics can usually answer.

Reverse Gravity – Final Piece

After deciding to move on from my bird paintings I came up with the idea of reverse gravity and took some new photos to inform this theme. I hung upside down and captured gravity working on me .



My idea was to paint a portrait I would any other, the only difference being that gravity was playing a part on some parts of me in the wrong direction. My hair flowing upwards and my necklace also undergoing this reverse pull; I want this to challenge the viewers perceptions and make them question what is going on. After drawing up some concept sketches I was confident this was what I wanted to pursue and so I began a large scale a1 painting. Below is it in progress.

IMG_0042 IMG_0043 IMG_0048


I am very pleased with the final result which is shown below.


Defying Gravity – Bird Series

After finding my painting of a figure suspended by birds successful and also looking in to the work of Alex Hall, I decided to pursue a series of work involving birds. I started to consider how I would frame my images and decided ¬†circle format might make for an interesting piece. I also wanted a plain background that wasn’t a simple white colour and so tried out using a tea stain, which I am very pleased with the effect. I decided to focus on a particular part of the body so I could concentrate more on the quality and realism of my work.







After creating the three small paintings above I then moved on to make a final piece for this series on a larger scale.