Monthly Archives: October 2013

Development on Drawing and Print Project

As my drawing and print project final piece was created on the graphics tablet I took the chance to develop it into an animated piece. I tried out three different gifs all of which I believe are successful. I think this piece works a lot better as an animated piece than a print.




Development on Textiles Project

After being given an action plan to complete units 1 and 2 of my course it turns out I don’t have much to do and am able to experiment quite a bit. I have so far taken my time to develop my textiles project further, one which I was really pleased with. I created a triptych using my final piece as inspiration.

frinal triptic!

Modelling in Life Drawing Class

My terracota models I made in my life drawing class have finally been fired and are looking pretty good! I created them in an abstract form inspired by Henry Moore and they have now took pride of place on my windowsill.


We were also given time to get creative and bring in inspiration from artists we were looking at in our project. Inspired by Cynthia Consentino I used the life model to inform the body of my clay model and replaced her head with that of a lion. This piece has now been fired and coloured using an oxide stain. I am very pleased with how it looks.


Finished Project: Structures

After my photo shoot I took what I thought to be the most successful image and photoshopped a background of flowers on to it. I think the designers I was inspired by really show through in this piece. I really like how it turned out, however I may explore this little project further and create some more photoshops in the catch up week that we have. Below is what I , for now, consider my final piece.


Photoshoot for Textiles Project

After many, many hours of sitting folding little paper flowers I finally made enough to make my paper flower crown and to my surprise it looked better than I thought it would. I was planning on splattering paint over it whilst taking pictures but after this photo shoot I think I like it as it is.





I really like how this is coming along, just need to pick a favourite photograph and PhotoShop it to be my final piece!

Life Drawing

I get life drawing classes once a week and I plan to start doing updates of this every now and then. I thoroughly enjoy these classes and its amazing to see my skills improve over the weeks, I think it’s a good idea to show that progress on this little blog of mine. They sometimes get particularly exciting with clay models! I will do an update of that class some other time though. For now I’ve picked out some of my favourites I’ve done so far.






Progress on Textiles Project

So my textiles project is going a lot better than I thought it would, I’ve researched in to some artists and have a pretty good idea of how the rest of my project is going to go. I have looked in to the idea of natural structures, particularly focusing on flowers and have used Harriet Parry as inspiration for this. She created wonderful pieces from faux flowers, you wouldn’t now they were fake though! I have also looked in to origami fashion, inspired by Petra Storrs and Bea Szenfeld, and I plan to combine these two themes making a piece from origami flowers. Or at least that it is my plan for the moment! I have so far spent a lot of time creating little flowers from paper and will be spending many more hours doing so if I do this for my final piece!ImageImage