Monthly Archives: April 2014

Development From Photographs

I decided to make my photographs inspired by Rene Magritte in to a gif. This added depth and movement to the images, making it seem 3d. I think this made the piece more interesting than a simple photograph for the viewer.



Investigating Surrealism

It has became apparent to me that my work has a surreal aspect to it, this is something I am pleased by as I have been interested in surrealism for some time now. I decided to look at some of the original surrealists work to try and understand how they create such thought provoking imagery. Here I investigated Rene Magritte’s piece ‘The Lovers’ and was inspired to carry out a quick photo shoot. I photographed a model with a carrier bag over her head, this pushes the perceptions of the viewer due to it being something people are told from a young age they shouldn’t do. This makes people question why they are doing it and what is actually happening in the photo.






Developing New Ideas

After being pleased with my paintings on distortion I started to investigate other artists who used distortion. I was then inspired by Bill Brandt who is famous for his distorted nudes and landscapes. He takes distortion to the point where the body almost becomes part of the landscape, this is something I would like to investigate as it is making the body in to something it is not and this pushes the viewers perceptions. I took inspiration from his work and too some of my own photographs and edited them in photoshop.







I am very pleased with how these photographs have turned out and I plan to add words to them as I have been inspired by Lorna Simpson’s use of text when I went to see her exhibition. I plan to ask a few people to write down the first word/s that come in to their head when they look at these images. I will then make a sentence/ phrase from these words and present it with or on the image somewhere. By doing this I am generating text that is related to the image but does not necessarily have any meaning to the image. I would like to do this as I am interested in when people see the text presented with the image, how they may add meaning to the piece through the words, or consider themselves what it might mean.

Distortion Paintings

I wanted to start adding colour to my work and chose to do so through paint. I first created a painting inspired by a different one of my line drawings using watercolours. I was pleased with the result and liked how the colour worked with piece but felt like acrylic may be more successful. I also preferred the composition from my pencil drawing and so decided to go back to this for an experiment in acrylic paint.

image (3) copy 3

image (3)

My acrylic painting is much more successful than my watercolour. I love how the colour brings the piece to life and how i have added a background to give the piece more atmosphere. I also really like the elongated scale of the piece, I have made the legs even more distorted in this piece and am very pleased with the effect this has had.


Development From Line Drawings

image (3) copy 2

I have taken my line drawings to inform a graphite drawing, by adding tone and shading the drawing becomes more realistic. This pushes the perceptions of my viewer’s further than an already unrealistic line drawing. I am very pleased with the success of this drawing and plan to add colour to my next piece using paint, in the hope of pushing the perceptions of my viewers even further.

Distortion Line Drawings

I took the images from my photo shoot and used them to inform some line drawings in which I distorted the proportions of the body. I found this a lot harder than I was expecting as it was difficult drawing something to look different than you are used to, whilst still making it look human. I am, however, pleased with how they turned out in the end and plan to choose a couple to inform a pencil drawing and some paintings. I believe and colour and tone to these images will make it more confusing for the viewer and therefore push their perceptions of the body further.

image (3) copy

image (3)

image (4)

image (5)

image (6)



Experimenting With Distortion

After my previous photo shoot went well I decided to continue in the realms of photography to help me produce ideas for other pieces of artwork I could create. I carried out another photo shoot in which I took photographs at very strong angles to create the illusion of distorting the body. This was inspired by the artist Roger Weiss who edits his photographs to distort parts of the body. I am very pleased with how my photographs have turned out and plan to use them as a guide/ reference for drawings, in my drawings I hope to distort the body even further than I have in my photographs.