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Above is my final piece in conclusion to my project ‘The Surreal Vessel’. I have titled the piece ‘Untitled’ as I want the viewer to add there own meaning toi the piece, amost titling it themselves. I also think this makes the piece more thoughprovoking and less mentally distracting for the viewer. I am very pleased with the final result of my painting and believe my choice of colours for the skin tone makes the piece particularly strong and interesting to the viewer.I believe that this piece achieves as I set out to push the viewers perceptions and get them involved in my work asking themselves questions.


Final Piece From Start to Finish


Beginning of Final Piece

After creating my previous painting and it being successful I then set out creating my final piece. I decided this time to cut out the mouth and restrict this sense as I felt still having the eyes in the painting would involve the viewer more in the piece. I will be able to add a lot of emotion in to the eyes and this is something that people can connect with. I also decided to enlarge the scale of the piece as I feel having a large canvas also involves the viewer further in the work. It means they can move away and up close to the piece inspecting it from different distances and seeing how this changes their perceptions of it. I also feel a large scale has a larger impact on the viewers. below are the images of my final piece in its first stages, it still has a long way to go!

image (6)

image (7)

image (8)

image (9)


Finished Project: The Body

After a very stressful week I finally completed my first rotation stage project on ‘the body’ and had my first crit on Friday. I will now belatedly fill you in on how it all went.
I investigated the emotionally vague project which is a study where people were asked to draw their feeling and pick colours which  represent them, these were then compiled to create an average idea of how people feel anger, love, sadness, and joy.  This website will explain it a lot better than I have http://www.emotionallyvague.com/. This made me want to explore emotion more and use my final piece to convey an emotion of my choice. The two artists I looked at to help me with this were Derek Hess and Vince Low. Hess has a loose style which reminded me of the drawings created from the emotionally vague project and he creates emotion in his work without seeing the faces on his figures. Low has a very energetic style which I really likedand felt would convey emotion well in a piece, I really like how his portraits are created from a chaos of pen lines.
After looking in to all of these different things below is my final piece in response to ‘the body’. I may at a later stage try animating the piece as I think this would give it more depth.Image

In future I plan to document my projects as I go rather than at the last minute, but I am only just getting used to how to work in this way.