Please Help!

I have now finished my initial painting and would be very grateful if you could answer a couple of questions on it. I will post the questions below the image of the painting and if you could answer below in comment that would help me out with my project a great deal!

image (1)


q1. How does this piece make you feel?

q2. What do you think it means?

q3. Please could you give the piece a title you think fits.





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4 responses to “Please Help!

  • Hollie

    1. A little bit sick
    2. The juxtaposition between the bright flowers connoting happiness and the apparent distress that the tears signify leads me to believe that the piece is a commentary on the difference between how people appear to feel, and how people truly feel. The girl pictured is perhaps seen to be beautiful, and therefore happy. The artist questions the inherent belief that beautiful people are happy.
    3. Beautiful Tears

  • Lisa

    1. Confused!!!
    2. Not sure. That’s why I’m confused! The tears make it feel like a sad painting but the flowers make it feel happy.
    3. Flower Power!!!

  • Ben

    2.It is strange because of the way the wax looks like tears going down the face but the flowers are a symbol of happiness . I think it shows how you can look sad on the outside but still feel happy on the inside.
    3. The Florist’s Eyes

  • benoit david

    q1. How does this piece make you feel?
    I think I read pain, frustration, and a victorious attack on the traditional two dimensional aspect of painting.

    q2. What do you think it means?
    I’m not sure about what it would mean. I’m not sure I can read your intentions. That’s what I like about it.

    We don’t know if the eyes are obstructed by the flowers or if the flowers are the eyes. The flowers, at first look disorganised, but there are two of them, the blue ones, that could be eyes. The dripping can look like tears; the mouth looks emotionless; the flowers are joyfull. We have a great mix that creates confusion and, I think, makes itdifficult to read.

    I find very poetic the idea of a lady crying flowers, if we suppose the flowers came out of the eyes at the same time as the tears.

    q3. Please could you give the piece a title you think fits.

    Difficult to give a title if you want to keep the confusion. You must not force a read. Why not try to add to the confusion? Or something very vague, like «an ordinary day».

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