Progress on Plate Collection

My plates have now had their second firing and are ready to have the transfers applied. I applied these by placing them in luke warm water until they slip off from the paper and then place them on to the plate. I then used a paper towel to get rid of any air bubbles trapped in the transfer. My plates are now ready to be fired again at a lower temperature of 800 degrees Celcius so that the transfers become set n to the plates. Once this has been done I will add final touches to my plates, false eyelashes on the eye and an earring on the ear.

image (2)

image (3)

image (4)




Deciding on Materials

After doing some initial test pieces and later exploring ways of further creating skin textures I decided the two most successful materials were wax and PVA mixed with acrylic and dried on to the skin. I therefore decided to do a couple of test pieces so that I would be able to decide which would be more suited to my ideas for my painting. I also wanted to explore how attaching my fake flowers would work and also if this was going to be a good idea. I created these test pieces on two small box canvases.


image (1)


After much consideration I decided that the wax would work best with my concept for my final piece. It appears as if it is melting and i like how this works coming out from behind the canvas.

New Ideas

I have now came up with a way of drawing my Final Major Project to a conclusion. I really like the concept I explored in my three dimensional work of peeling back a layer to reveal something underneath and so I wanted to experiment with this further. I felt that my work could be more successful on canvas as this way I could experiment with enlarging the scale to intrigue the viewer, and so I came up with the idea of peeling back the canvas to reveal something underneath. I realised my collages were a particularly successful part of my project and so I want to explre similar imagery. My plan is to peel back the canvas of  a painted portrait, ripping away one of the senses to reveal flowers below. I have started to experiment with how I will rip away the canvas, also with adding texture to the canvas to make it seem more like skin and make it more interesting than just the canvas hanging down.

image[10] image[1] image[9] image[8]

Finalising My Concept

I feel that my concept is becoming very strong, however I need to reflect on the mediums I have used throughout my project and come to a decision about what is going to be most suited to this concept I have identified. I am going to take this time to finalise my concept and ideas so that afterwards I can decide what medium will suit it best through group crits and discussions.

The aim of my project is to push the perceptions of the viewer and I have done so by using the body, something which all people can relate too. I continued this idea of pushing peoples perceptions after it went so successfully in my previous work in the area of physics, I felt that it would be interesting to see how I could achieve this through different subject matter and ideas. I have, however, carried through some similar themes as my previous work had a surreal aspect to it and my Final Major Project is now heavily influenced by surrealism. After starting my project exploring the body I have now focused on the senses and how I can manipulate these to influence the viewer. Another important part of my work is what it actually means, I am interested in how the viewer can add meaning to a piece of work through having their own different life experiences. To explore this I have investigated how titling my work can influence the viewers perception of a piece of work, and I plan to use the title to get viewers involved in my final piece.

Glazing My Plates

Once my clay work had been fired for the first time I then used a brush on glaze to add colour to my work and to give the pieces a good finish. This glaze is specially thickened with a seaweed thickener to make it easy to apply. Once glazed the plates will then be fired at 1045 degrees Celsius. I chose to use this type of glaze after seeking advice from a professional; she suggested that any ceramic object that resembled a functional object, even intended as art, should be glazed in this way. I was also given a tip on how to make my flesh colour look more realistic and less flat, by first staining the pieced with on oxide stain before applying the glaze. Below are images of the pieces with the glaze applied before the second firing.







Moving in to Three Dimensions

After my work with sensory imagery was going so successfully I decided I wanted to pursue this in a different medium to see what I feel is most successful for my work. I researched in to some artists who work in the area of ceramics and was inspired by Ronit Baranga and Beccy Ridsdel to create my own three dimensional work. I liked the idea of having my viewers see a piece of work from 360 degrees and also really liked the concept used in Beccy Ridsde’ls work of peeling back layers to reveal something underneath. These ideas lead to my concept of plates and bowls being pulled back to reveal facial features underneath, therefore including my concept of playing with the senses. Below are the images of me moulding the clay in to shape, these pieces are now complete and ready to be fired once they are dried out.

















Development from Collage Work

I took inspiration from my last collage and decided to turn it in to a painting. I took some reference photographs and then painted a portrait with the mouth replaced with an eye. I like how this plays around with a persons senses and may also make some people feel uncomfortable, I want to be able to provoke a reaction in my viewers pushing their perceptions of y work.


I believe this painting has been very successful, I really like how the eye stands out because of the bright colours compared to the rest of the painting.