Development From Line Drawings

image (3) copy 2

I have taken my line drawings to inform a graphite drawing, by adding tone and shading the drawing becomes more realistic. This pushes the perceptions of my viewer’s further than an already unrealistic line drawing. I am very pleased with the success of this drawing and plan to add colour to my next piece using paint, in the hope of pushing the perceptions of my viewers even further.

Distortion Line Drawings

I took the images from my photo shoot and used them to inform some line drawings in which I distorted the proportions of the body. I found this a lot harder than I was expecting as it was difficult drawing something to look different than you are used to, whilst still making it look human. I am, however, pleased with how they turned out in the end and plan to choose a couple to inform a pencil drawing and some paintings. I believe and colour and tone to these images will make it more confusing for the viewer and therefore push their perceptions of the body further.

image (3) copy

image (3)

image (4)

image (5)

image (6)



Experimenting With Distortion

After my previous photo shoot went well I decided to continue in the realms of photography to help me produce ideas for other pieces of artwork I could create. I carried out another photo shoot in which I took photographs at very strong angles to create the illusion of distorting the body. This was inspired by the artist Roger Weiss who edits his photographs to distort parts of the body. I am very pleased with how my photographs have turned out and plan to use them as a guide/ reference for drawings, in my drawings I hope to distort the body even further than I have in my photographs.










Experimenting With Contortion and Confusion

After being inspired by Eric Kellerman’s work I decided to have a photo shoot of my own where I take themes he has used to produce my own set of photographs. Kellerman uses the female body and photographs his models in a way that makes parts of their body unrecognisable. I tried to recreate this in my own photographs by laying on the floor and, being photographed from above, attempting to ‘contort’ myself in to different shapes. I decided to photograph myself from above as I thought this would add more confusion to my images as it is not a usual viewpoint for a portrait. I then edited my photographs, cropping them to create more confusion as to what body part the viewer is looking at.









I am very pleased with how these photographs have turned out and I think they work well as a series together. By cropping the photographs to a ‘zoomed in’ square this makes the body less recognisable and creates questions about the piece which is what I wanted to achieve.


Progress on Final Project After First Week

I have spent this week collating all the research which I carried out in the previous week and adding it to my sketchbook, whilst also delving further in to research in certain areas. I created a mind map of my thoughts in my sketchbook and this has helped me to have a good idea and understanding of what I need to do in the upcoming week. I have also critically analysed three artists and put these in my sketchbook.


image (1)

image (2)

I planned on having a photoshoot in response to Eric Kellerman this week but due to time constraints have been unable to do so. In order for this to not happen again I am going to create a timetable of when certain events like these must be carried out. I have now set a date to have this photo shoot and will take photos at this time in response to Roger Weiss also. This week has been mainly devoted to truly understanding my subject area and I now feel as though I am very well prepared to carry out this project and start creating work of my own that will be successful.

Statement of Intent

My art is a form of creative outlet; it allows me to explore myself as a person and discover my own ideas and beliefs. I am intrigued how people’s experiences can alter their perception of my artwork. I would like to explore this in my project ‘The Surreal Vessel’. I am going to use my work to push the boundaries of reality and, in doing so, push the perceptions of the viewer. I will continue to involve the audience in my work by creating questions about what I have presented them with; I plan to use the body to fuel these ideas as it is something that everyone can relate to. I intend to begin by looking at the concept of distortion and later how I can use surrealism and the body to present my viewers with a challenge. By the end of this project I plan to reach an outcome which truly evokes a reaction in the viewer and pushes their perceptions of my work.

I will take valuable insight into John Berger’s book ‘Ways of Seeing’ to inform my concept of playing with the perceptions of the viewer. The book explores how what we see is influenced by different assumptions concerning everything from the nature of beauty to gender. Initially, I will take inspiration from artists Ron Meuk, Roger Weiss, and Eric Kellerman who enlarge and distort the body. I plan to take the idea of distortion further and look in to using surrealism in my work; I will begin by investigating the famous pioneers of surrealism Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. I then intend to explore artists such as Jonathan Decruix, Alexandra Bellissimo, and Ronit Baranga all of whose contemporary art can be defined as surrealism.

I intend to use photography in this project  as it will involve a real image of the body for people to relate to. I plan to digitally edit a selection of my photographs using Photoshop, with the aim of provoking the question: “Is this a photograph?”. I will also use photographs as a means of referencing proportions of the body, although this will not apply when creating distorted images. I also plan to use paints as this is a common material used to represent the body in figurative work. I also believe painting on a large scale will draw the attention of the viewer. Finally, I will explore ceramics. This will take my work into 3D, further involving the viewer due to the ability to view from different angles.

To identify if my work is successfulI I will critically review and analyse artists work and whilst doing so compare this to my own. My work will also be presented in an exhibition where I will be able to determine myself from viewers reactions whether or not I have achieved what I want from it. Finally, I plan to ask observers to write down their immediate reaction to my work as a way of finding out how my work has affected people.

Final Major Project

For my final major project I am able to choose the direction and theme myself. I have decided to follow on my use of pushing peoples perceptions of my work from unit 9 and explore this further under new subject matter. I am interested in how different people respond to my art work and how artists are able to evoke emotions in the viewer and this is something I would like to investigate. I plan to do so by using the body, something which all people can relate to, and pushing the boundaries of the body itself. I have titled this project ‘The Surreal Vessel’ and am going to explore using surrealism in my work to create this concept of pushing peoples perceptions.


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